You’ve seen it before – you’re insured was minding her own business, driving down the highway, when suddenly, there’s a cow in the road!  Or a horse! Or a … goose?  She swerves and… you have a damages claim to subrogate.  Is the owner of an animal running at large liable for the damages that animal caused?  It depends.

In this episode, Steve and Rebecca discuss the cases of animals in the road and animals running at large, and how the laws regarding liability for the damages caused by these animals differs from state to state, and even from town to town.  Learn about open range states, fence in states, and what kind of proof you need to recover when your insured is damaged by animals on the loose.

For more on open range laws, check out our YouTube video, Livestock Liability in Open and Closed Range States.

For more information about animal claims, check out our episode, When Animals Attack! – Dog Bites.

Hold Your Horses: Animals at Large
On Subrogation

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