On Subro LIVE! – Reconstructing a Side-Swipe Collision

On this special live episode, Rebecca sits down with Certified Accident Reconstructionist Jeff Lyle, of Nationwide, to talk about clues that are left behind in side-swipe collisions.  Hear how much easier sorting out conflicting statements can be when the vehicle damage can “tell you” it’s side of the story.

On Subro LIVE! – Remodeling Fires

In this special live episode, Rebecca talks with certified fire investigators Scott Bennett of Fire and Explosion Consultants (FEC), and Bumper Moylan of S-E-A, Ltd., about how to spot a “remodeling fire.”  Hint: check the fridge!

On Subro LIVE! – NASP

Join Rebecca and Mark as they talk about NASP at NASP! 

This special episode was recorded live, on location at the 2018 National Association of Subrogation Professionals Annual Conference.  First, Jeff Baill of Yost & Baill joins Rebecca to talk about the history of NASP and what the subrogation industry was like 20 years ago when he founded the organization.  Next, Mark talks with NASP’s current President, Kevin DeGarmo of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, about NASP today and what the future holds.  Finally, Rebecca sits down with Melody Williams of State Farm, one of the conference’s Auto Track Leaders about her role in the conference, and the changing world of insurance in the ride-sharing economy.

Economic Loss Doctrine

What is the value of a faulty product?  If a faulty product causes damages to itself, can those damages be recovered?  Yes… maybe.  Join Rebecca and Steve as the guide you through the history and current trends regarding the Economic Loss Doctrine to find out!

Criminal Acts in Subrogation Files

A lot of subrogation files deal with negligence, but what about those files where the tortfeasor did something on purpose?  And what if she got caught?  In this episode, Rebecca and Steve discuss the issues that arise when your subrogation file deals with a criminal act.  Do you need a guardian ad litem?  Can the tortfeasor plead the 5th in your civil case?  From serving incarcerated tortfeasors and insureds to recovering on restitution orders, you’ll know what to expect when you have a criminal act in your file.

Parental Liability

You may not be your brother’s keeper, but what about your child’s?  Parents are responsible for their children’s well-being, of course, but are they responsible for damages those children cause?  Join Rebecca and Steve as they discuss the rule of sevens, the family purpose doctrine, sponsorship statutes, damages caps, and other issues affecting parental liability across the country.


You fought long and hard to reach a favorable settlement but now you are done.  Just sign this release and… wait a second, what does it say?  Why is it so long?  What exactly are you agreeing to, anyhow?  Join Rebecca and Steve as they walk you through the often long and winding road of settlement releases, and find out what language they have trouble letting go of in these important documents.

Protecting the Claim File

Do you have to turn over your client’s entire claim file in the discovery process?  NO!  Or at least, usually not.  Join Rebecca and Steve as they discuss what can and cannot be protected via privilege, what probably has to go, and what you may want to disclose from the claim file to reach the best result in your subrogation case.

Tree Falling

If a tree falls across a property line, and no one is around to hear it, is anyone liable?  Someone is, but to determine who, you have to do some detective work and know about the laws in that state.  Join Steve and Rebecca as they see the forest, the Read more…

What is Subrogation

Do your friends and family wonder what it is you do all day? Or, is subrogation just a small or new part of your work and you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into? Have you stumbled into this podcast by accident and wonder what it’s all about? Well, this is the episode for you! Join Rebecca and Steve as they get into the backstory of subrogation (and some of their own).