Rathbone Group has offices in four states, but our subrogation attorneys are licensed in dozens more. Well-versed in an array of federal and state subrogation laws, and skilled in investigation, litigation and pre-suit claims resolutions, we help clients nationwide achieve maximum recovery, even in complicated cases. . If you need effective subrogation case management, contact any of our subrogation law firm’s offices to speak with one of our partners.

Main Office:
1250 E Granger Road
Cleveland, OH 44131-1234
Satellite Offices:
7124 Miami Avenue
Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45243-2675
5930 Royal Lane
Suite E #515
Dallas, TX 75230-3896
10615 Judicial Drive
Suite 303
Fairfax, VA 22030-7500
729 Ninth Avenue
Suite 91
Huntington, WV 25701-2718
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Phone: 800-870-5521 or
Fax : 216-298-4495

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