Navigating a complex property issue can be a daunting task. Often these files involve multiple liable parties that disagree and seek to shift blame. Many pitfalls can surprise a litigant
preparing and trying property cases.
Rathbone Group (RG)’s Property Team uses its diverse skillset to parse out scientific expert testimony, interview and evaluate witnesses, determine fault, and bring parties together to inspect evidence and resolve claims.


Experience in a wide variety of losses including negligent installation, products liability, warranty issues, bailments, premises liability, arson,vandalism, and others.
Skill to address complex legal issues such as statute of limitations/repose defenses, choice of law or venue, spoliation, the “Sutton Rule,” and the economic loss doctrine.

Talented Resources

RG’s Property Team of licensed attorneys work as property specialists experienced in client preferences and negotiating property claims across the country. The team is the client’s point of contact for handling these complex matters.
Our Property Team effectively coordinates with experts, handles evidence inspections, and party notifications.

Creative Solutions

RG employs creative approaches to efficiently recover damages on property claims in all balances from large loss to small dollar.
Collaborative efforts between attorneys, legal support, and negotiation specialists achieve favorable outcomes.
RG’s Property Team works to move files timely and control the flow of litigation.

Recovery of Lower Balance Files

Law firms focused solely on property damage often reject property files under $100,000.00. Why?
Our Property Team knows there is recovery potential on even low balance files. Recovery can come at any point in the litigation, sometimes before it begins. RG will fully evaluate all cases, weighing the costs of litigation against the potential for recovery. Though the costs of litigation may outweigh potential recovery at trial, that doesn’t mean the file must be closed.
Our Team will work the file to draw out offers that strike a balance between potential costs and actual dollars received. Because RG’s Property Team is focused not on the trial, but on your