Complicated but Common: Subrogating Uninsured Motorist Claims

In the United States, nearly 13% of motorists are uninsured. That means approximately one in every eight drivers are on the road with no insurance coverage. While the percentages vary considerably by state, Maine has the lowest percentage of uninsured motorists at 4.5%, while Florida has the highest percentage at nearly 27%.

When an insured driver is injured by an uninsured driver, the problems facing their insurance company are numerous. The tortfeasor can be hard to locate and often assets are scarce; most uninsured and underinsured motorists forego auto insurance for cost-related reasons. 

Many insurance companies conclude that pursuing subrogation recovery against an uninsured and judgment-proof driver is simply futile. However, with the right experience and tools, all may not be lost. Proper subrogation management in difficult circumstances like these can make the difference between total loss and total recovery.

Creative, Relentless Subrogation Services for Uninsured Motorist Claims

Our team of subrogation attorneys and specialists use advanced skip-tracing methods to locate individuals who are missing or attempting to hide. Particularly useful in subrogating uninsured motorist claims, skip-tracing resources may also uncover unknown assets that open new avenues towards recovery.

A Rathbone Group evaluation of an uninsured motorist subrogation claim increases the likelihood of recovering from an uninsured tortfeasor. Furthermore, our investigative process may identify additional parties liable under a subrogation theory and create the opportunity to argue for coverage, even if it was previously denied.

Rathbone Group’s uninsured auto claims review and our deeply-thorough historical data evaluations allow clients to understand the likelihood of recovery under a subrogation theory. We ensure our clients are able to make informed decisions regarding subrogation litigation.

Subrogation Counsel with Nationwide Coverage

Another common complication for subrogated carriers in uninsured auto claims is jurisdiction. Every state has a separate set of laws and regulations surrounding subrogated recovery from uninsured motorists. To best your chances of achieving subrogation recovery, you need a legal team that understands everything from license forfeiture to statute of limitations issues (which are significant and complex in this legal space). 

Our team of committed subrogation attorneys are licensed in dozens of states, federal jurisdictions, Canada and the US islands. Well-versed in pre-suit settlements, mediation, arbitration and litigation, our attorneys deftly navigate the nuances of subrogation laws in different jurisdictions.

Cost-Conscious Subrogation Services for UIM Claims Cases

As a law firm dedicated to insurers’ rights to subrogation and recovery, at Rathbone Group, we focus on the efficient and cost-effective pursuit of uninsured tortfeasors. Our team of subrogation-focused attorneys and specialists has an extensive understanding of post-judgment recovery options. 

Adverse loss situations like uninsured motorist claims require thorough, creative and committed subrogation services by a legal team that works closely with their clients. We help guide our clients through strategic decision-making at every stage of the litigation process to help maximize possible recovery.

Effective, Direct Subrogation Campaigns for Recovery

Rathbone Group lawyers know how to initiate an effective letter and call campaign before litigation to engage responsible parties in negotiations, even if they are uninsured and avoiding detection.

This direct contact with the tortfeasor helps us to gather identifiers and assets that lead to increased recoveries.  It also helps insurance companies to evaluate whether subrogated litigation is advantageous from a profitability standpoint.

After judgment, such campaigns increase opportunities for liable persons to satisfy judgments.

Clear Communication: A Subrogation Process at Your Direction

Rathbone Group, a nationwide subrogation law firm offering strategic, supportive and cost-effective subrogation services, provides clients with superior legal expertise in subrogation law and process. Clients’ needs vary, so we tailor the process of pursuing recovery to your goals and budgets. We provide you with valuable, state-based historical recovery data to help you make informed and judicious decisions.