Subrogation of uninsured auto claims can feel like a lost-cause with tortfeasors and assets that are tough to find.

Our skiptracing and evaluation of uninsured claims increases the prospect of contact and recovery from the tortfeasor. It can also identify additional parties and argue for coverage previously denied.

Rathbone Group (RG)’s review of claims and historical data evaluates liability arguments and likelihood of recovery, allowing clients to make informed decisions regarding litigation.


Focus on efficient and cost-effective pursuit of uninsured tortfeasors.

Files are analyzed to identify potential responsible parties and coverage opportunities.

Extensive understanding of post-judgment recovery options and costs guide legal pursuit decisions.

At Your Direction

The process of pursuing is tailored to the client’s goals and budgets.

State-based historical recovery data is available to help guide the suit decision.

Campaigns for Recovery

Letter and call campaigns are used before litigation to engage responsible parties in negotiations.

Contact with the tortfeasor can help to evaluate whether suit is advantageous.

After judgment, such campaigns increase opportunities for liable persons to satisfy judgments.