Using a self-insured retention or large deductible policy to save on insurance costs does not require absorbing uncovered auto, property, product failure, injury, workers’ compensation or
health losses as a cost of doing business.

Rathbone Group (RG) has years of experience in the subrogation of self-insured claims, and RG’s recovery program can help to offset losses using a contingency fee to contain costs.

Loss Control

  • Significantly offset losses with RG’s recovery program.
  • No out of pocket costs for attorneys’ fees – only court costs or experts.
  • RG is experienced in evidence inspections and properly putting parties on notice.

Working with You

  • Our legal recovery program complements any existing in-house or TPA claims process.
  • Our investigation incorporates client staff involved in remediating the loss.
  • Stay up to date on recovery efforts with our online secure website.

Identifying Recoveries

  • Our investigation program locates and negotiates with responsible parties.
  • Our process identifies additional liable parties in a myriad of loss situations.