Using a self-insured retention or large deductible policy to save on insurance costs does not require absorbing uncovered auto, property, product failure, injury, workers’ compensation, or
med pay and health losses as a cost of doing business.

When self-insured companies fail to pursue every opportunity for subrogation in cases of loss, they are sacrificing their bottom line. Hiring subrogation counsel to take a second look at those losses can result in new avenues to recovery. 

Rathbone Group has years of experience in the subrogation of self-insured claims, and our recovery program can help to offset losses using a contingency fee to contain costs.

Recover Losses from Property & Casualty Claims

Thorough, efficient and timely investigations are especially important in subrogation claims for property damages such as utility claims and fire damage. In-house legal counsel may not have the time or resources to fully pursue every opportunity for subrogation in cases of property damage. Outsourcing these nuanced and often complicated cases to attorneys focused in subrogation law and insurers’ rights ensures settlements are fair to our clients.

Successfully Subrogating a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers compensation claims can drown a self-insured company who is directly responsible for the insurance payout. However, if an outside party was responsible for the incident, subrogating that workers comp claim is an opportunity to offset the employee’s payout. Laws regarding this type of subrogation vary by state and are nuanced and complex. Hiring counsel dedicated to subrogating applicable workers compensation cases ensures your company isn’t leaving money on the table.

Subrogation Strategies that Help Self-Insured Entities Minimize Loss & Manage Costs

Rathbone Group’s goal with every subrogation client is to minimize the costs of the subrogation process while maximizing recovery. Hallmarks of our subrogation services for self-insured entities include:

Loss Control

  • Significantly offset losses with RG’s recovery program.
  • No out of pocket costs for attorneys’ fees – only court costs or experts.
  • RG is experienced in evidence inspections and properly putting parties on notice.

Working with You

  • Our legal recovery program complements any existing in-house or TPA claims process.
  • Our investigation incorporates client staff involved in remediating the loss.
  • Stay up to date on recovery efforts with our online secure website.

Identifying Recoveries

  • Our investigation program locates and negotiates with responsible parties.
  • Our process identifies additional liable parties in a variety of loss situations.

It is easy to dismiss a case as a total loss when you think you have exhausted all avenues to recovery. Through research, experience, and a diligent commitment to educating others on subrogation law, we ensure self-insured companies use their right to recovery to its fullest potential.