Advocates for Insurers’ Rights to Subrogation Recovery

As an insurer, you need to keep your costs low to remain profitable and, more importantly, to offer your insureds the quality services and competitive premiums they require. A sizable factor in this pursuit is taking action on every loss possible in order to recover damages through subrogation. 

In most jurisdictions, insurance carriers retain a right to subrogate claims they’ve paid out. While creditors are not always looked upon favorably in subrogated matters, our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure you’re able to maximize recovery in even complicated or particularly contentious insurance disputes.

The Advantages of Working with Rathbone Group’s Subrogation Attorneys

Rathbone Group’s cost-conscious approach to subrogating on behalf of insurers attempts pre-suit resolution of claims or immediate suit, depending on the client’s preference. Our management of big data can aid decision-making on when to pursue through the subrogation process. 

Caring for the insured throughout the claims process is also a forte of our subrogation law firm. We deftly navigate subrogation matters for utility claims, fire claims, automotive and property claims, and several other types of insurance entities/matters. With the ability to subrogate matters nationwide, insurers of all sizes can benefit from our thorough and strategic approach to managing subrogation cases.

As an advocate for insurers’ rights to pursuing recovery via subrogation, Rathbone Group’s experienced attorneys utilize knowledge of state-specific insurance and subrogation laws to form creative strategies in order to maximize recovery for insurance companies. Action and communication-based management of subrogation claims cases is just one of the benefits of working with Rathbone Group’s subrogation team to recover your losses.

Keep Your Customers Happy with Deductible Reimbursements & Affordable Premiums

The insurance subrogation laws in each state are different; some states make it difficult for insurance companies to achieve total recovery of loss. An inability to effectively subrogate claims paid out to your insured is detrimental to your bottom line and quality of customer service. Because our attorneys are licensed in so many states, we can offer subrogation case management that is attuned specifically to the jurisdiction of the claim throughout the country, Canada and the US Islands. 

Our unique approach to the subrogation process is offense-based and intended to reduce the cost of pursuit. We achieve this through attempting pre-suit negotiations wherever possible, and exploring alternate routes to recovery than litigation, such as mediation or Arbitration Forums. 

Long-term insurance clients can expect comprehensive, ongoing services that include taking another look at claims that may not at first appear viable to subrogate. Our open and responsive communication keeps you in control while providing you the resources to explore every insurance claim for subrogation potential.

Rathbone Group’s Subrogation Services Help You Protect Your Bottom Line

The Rathbone Group advantage is multifaceted. Our team of subrogation professionals and attorneys provide insurance entities with end-to-end coverage for their claims. Thorough investigations identify any and all liable parties, especially for cases involving property, fire and utility damage. We work on a national level, and are able to provide our same top-tier services in Spanish for subrogation claims that require it. As well, we collaborate and educate your team to empower you in your pursuit of recovery.

Retaining a law firm with a specific focus on subrogation optimizes your chance of recovering the full loss, even in subrogation claims with difficult factors, such as deceased tortfeasors or complications from evidentiary rules. Maximizing recovery means minimizing losses and costs of the subrogation action, allowing you to continue to provide the high-quality, affordable service your insureds have come to expect.

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