Minimize Loss, Maximize Recovery

RG’s cost-conscious approach to subrogating on behalf of insurers attempts pre-suit resolution of claims or immediate suit, depending on the client’s preference. Our management of big data can aid decision-making on when to pursue through the subrogation process. Caring for the insured throughout the process is also a forte of our subrogation law firm. Rathbone Group’s experienced attorneys utilize state-specific laws to form creative strategies in order to maximize recovery for insurance companies.

Keep Your Customers Happy with Deductible Reimbursements and Affordable Premiums

The insurance subrogation laws in each state are different; some states make it difficult for insurance companies to achieve total recovery of loss. An inability to effectively subrogate claims paid out to your insured is detrimental to the bottom line and quality of customer service. Because our attorneys are licensed in so many states, we can offer subrogation case management that is attuned specifically to the jurisdiction of the claim throughout the country, Canada and the US Islands. Retaining a law firm with a specific focus on subrogation maximizes your chance of recovering the full loss. Maximizing recovery means minimizing losses, also leading to the continued high quality service your insureds have come to expect.