Take Control of Your Claim

Increase control and the bottom line for your captive insurance company through subrogation recovery efforts. Rathbone Group’s cost-conscious approach to subrogation pursuit provides opportunities to improve profitability with or without a subrogation lawsuit. In any case possible, Rathbone Group makes every effort to resolve disputes via subrogation mediation or arbitration. Thorough investigations completed by subrogation specialists who are well-versed in the subrogation laws and processes of many states mean our efficient and creative approach to each subrogation case maximizes your chance of subrogation recovery while minimizing your costs in pursuing said recovery.

Rathbone Group Exhausts Every Option for Recovery

We have years of experience vigorously pursuing subrogation recovery. In addition to a traditional lawsuit, there are other alternatives to captive law firms to recoup funds through subrogation. If pre-suit negotiations are not successful, we can speed up the settlement process via arbitration for those who have an arbitration clause or membership in an arbitration organization. Our subrogation attorneys understand the complexity of the insurance industry and excel at helping clients navigate difficult subrogation claims.