Take Control of Your Subrogation Claims

Increase control and the bottom line for your captive insurance company by outsourcing your subrogation recovery efforts to a law firm specifically focused in subrogation law. Rathbone Group’s thorough, transparent communication and cost-conscious approach to subrogation pursuit provides opportunities to improve profitability by recovering with or without a subrogation lawsuit. 

When handling a subrogation action, Rathbone Group makes every effort to resolve disputes via subrogation mediation or arbitration. Wherever possible, settling a subrogation claim before it reaches litigation is preferred – by our attorneys and our clients. The advantages to resolving insurance disputes via alternate means include:

  • Finality of each claim
  • Less contentious process
  • Less time to settlement (recovery)
  • Lower cost of pursuit (time, legal fees)

Through thorough investigations completed by subrogation specialists who are well-versed in the subrogation laws and processes of many states, RG offers offense-based, skilled subrogation services to captive owners across the country. 

The importance of state-specific knowledge of insurance law and process cannot be understated when it comes to recovering losses via subrogation. Rathbone Group and our network of attorneys cover all of the US, Canada and US territories. Our efficient and creative approach to each subrogation case maximizes your chance of subrogation recovery while minimizing your costs in pursuing said recovery.

Unmatched Litigators, Tireless Advocates for the Right to Subrogation

For those claims that must proceed to litigation, Rathbone Group’s attorneys are adept at litigating subrogation cases strategically and effectively, in any jurisdiction. Our subrogation attorneys understand the complexity of the insurance industry and excel at helping clients navigate difficult subrogation claims, which is significantly impacted by the locale in which the insurance lawsuit is filed, and/or the locale where the incident of loss occurred.

Some state courts are more amenable to the rights of carriers to recover losses via subrogation than others. On top of that, cases involving multiple jurisdictions, whether states or even countries, can involve conflicting laws and regulations around subrogation rights and process. Rathbone Group’s attention to detail and ability to serve clients in any US jurisdiction as well as Canada provides us the platform to help captive owners of any type and size maximize their subrogation potential in every case.

Rathbone Group Exhausts Every Avenue to Resolve Your Subrogation Claim

We have years of experience vigorously pursuing subrogation recovery for a variety of insurance entities and other creditors. For captive owners specifically, client-focused, resolution-based approaches to subrogation claims result in timely, effective claims resolutions. In addition to a traditional lawsuit, there are other alternatives to captive law firms to recoup funds through subrogation. 

If pre-suit negotiations are not successful, we can speed up the settlement process via arbitration for those who have an arbitration clause or membership in an arbitration organization. Specifically, mediation and Arbitration Forums can drastically cut your time and cost of pursuing recovery. We explore every alternate route to settling your subrogation claim without proceeding to the lengthy and often expensive process of litigating an insurance matter. Learn more about Rathbone Group’s areas of practice.