Unfortunately, there are times when pursuing recovery of unpaid premiums from commercial entities is necessary.

Rathbone Group is the ideal partner for recovering unpaid premiums. Not only do we understand and appreciate the nuances of subrogation and the insurance business generally, but we also have extensive experience handling contract claims, engaging in complex litigation, and enforcing judgments.

With a myriad of legal defenses available, extensive litigation experience and a proactive review of the issues is a must.

Proactive Review

Rathbone Group will identify all potential issues before litigation starts to determine the best strategy to undertake.

Damage Issues

Damages are reviewed to verify they are definite in amount, provable in court and not speculative.

Any acceleration of entire balance is invoked upon failure to pay one installment.

A possible contested audit is addressed prelitigation to prevent unnecessary and costly arguments.

Asset Identification

Asset attachment can occur at suit filing depending on the state.

RG utilizes various asset skip-tracing resources to obtain all available asset information in an effort to execute on a judgment.

Post-judgment discovery is completed to further likelihood of recovery.