The Balancing Act of Effectively Subrogating TPA Claims Cases

For Third Party Administrators, carefully subrogated legal action is key to recovery. The liability of various parties involved in a loss  is often unclear, either due to the facts of the subrogation claim itself and/or the complexity of the state’s laws regarding subrogation. 

Features of any subrogation law firm a TPA should choose to retain are: 

(1) knowledge of state-specific subrogation laws and procedures, and

(2) a multi-faceted approach to investigation and litigation that attempts to resolve subrogation matters pre-suit first. 

Unfortunately, pre-suit resolution isn’t always possible. When that happens, we ensure that your subrogated litigation is strategically executed. For complicated insured claims or uninsured subrogation, our cost-conscious approach will increase your recovery without overspending on subrogation pursuit. 

Lawyers who Understand Management of TPA Subrogation Cases

The teamwork between our law firm’s subrogation attorneys and claims specialists provides superior advocacy and continuous communication with our clients throughout the subrogation process. The result is that your subrogation claims are resolved with the maximum recovery possible.