The Balancing Act of Effectively Subrogating TPA Claims Cases

For third party administrators (TPA), carefully subrogated legal action is key to recovery. The liability of various parties involved in a loss is often unclear, whether due to the facts of the subrogation claim itself and/or the complexity of the state’s laws regarding subrogation. Properly pursuing and managing subrogation matters is critical to the financial success of a TPA. 

However, third party administrators have myriad types of claims to process and pursue; outsourcing your subrogation cases to a law firm specializing in insurance lawsuits can allow you to actively pursue recovery from viable subrogation claims without having to divert your own insurance specialists and claims adjusters from their main objectives.

There’s More Than One Way to Settle a Subrogation Claim

Thorough investigatory practices by a subrogation team often open alternate avenues to recovery. By pursuing as many avenues to recovery as possible, a team of attorneys and specialists dedicated to subrogation law are best poised to negotiate subrogation mediation or utilize arbitration.

The advantages to a TPA in having subrogation counsel utilize pre-suit resolution techniques include:

  • Cases are heard by other insurance professionals educated in relevant fields of law.
  • Settlements are reached sooner than with litigation.
  • Settlements are contractual in nature, and so offer more finality than a judgment won via litigation.
  • Mediation and arbitration are lower cost of pursuit in time, labor and financial resources.

In addition, looking long-term, settling insurance disputes out of court is a less contentious process than taking a matter to trial. This can foster a culture of cooperation between entities who are likely to encounter each other more than once.

Unfortunately, pre-suit resolution isn’t always possible. When that happens, we ensure that your subrogated litigation is strategically executed. For complicated insured claims or uninsured subrogation, our cost-conscious approach will increase your recovery without overspending on subrogation pursuit. 

Lawyers who Understand Management of TPA Subrogation Cases

The teamwork between our law firm’s subrogation attorneys and claims specialists provides superior advocacy and continuous communication with our clients throughout the subrogation process. Rathbone Group’s subrogation team offers skilled services, streamlined processes, and cost-conscious fee structure for TPAs pursuing a subrogation action. 

With nationwide coverage and attorneys knowledgeable in the specific subrogation laws that vary by state jurisdiction, we are able to help TPAs anywhere in the US with their subrogation cases. The result is that your subrogation claims are resolved with the maximum recovery possible while the cost of pursuing the claim is minimized.Learn more about Rathbone Group’s areas of practice.