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No In-Person Notary?  No Problem!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry differently. One new way we’ve found to get things done remotely is by implementing a remote online notary program. Rathbone Group’s E-notary Program grew out of a call from a client, whose company-wide travel restrictions and sudden shift to work from home meant they no longer had a way to notarize affidavits, releases, and other necessary legal documents to keep their subrogation files and lawsuits moving towards resolution. 

Rathbone Group responded to this dilemma by developing our E-notary Program, a remote online notary solution that allows signers to have their documents legally notarized in minutes from the comfort of their home or office. This online solution requires no in-person meeting, and results in notarized documents that are valid across the United States. 

Last year alone, our subrogation law firm e-notarized well over 400 documents for clients across the country. As we have developed and implemented our remote online notary service, we’ve realized its usefulness in helping our clients navigate their subrogation cases will far outlast the pandemic.

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How do I Get my Documents Notarized Remotely?

The process is easy: simply reach out to us at [email protected] to schedule a remote notary session, and provide the documents you need to have notarized. We will load the documents into the secure online system, and you will receive a link for the online notary session. 

At the appointed time, you will be connected via audio-video interface within the secure website, and go through a secure ID verification process, where you’ll present a valid ID issued by a United States government entity. You will attest to the documents, you and the notary will sign the documents electronically, and then you will be on your way! You receive electronic copies of your notarized documents within minutes.

A convenient feature of our E-Notary Program we offer clients is the ability to remotely notarize multiple documents in one session. The remote online notary system is secure, and there is neither software to download nor hardware to install.  You simply need a laptop or tablet with an internet browser, a web-camera, and microphone. 

Pricing for Rathbone Group’s E-Notary Program

$25.00 per document to be notarized, per person signing.

We offer discounts for to be signed on behalf of an insurance company.

First Document:


Each Additional Document:

With an RG File Number

$5.00 for documents associated with a claim placed with Rathbone Group for handling

Without an RG File Number

$10.00 for documents not associated with a claim placed with Rathbone Group for handling

Note: Use of the RG Online Notary Program does not itself establish an attorney-client relationship.  The RG Online Notary Program pricing above does not include legal review of documents by an RG attorney.  If you would like to refer a file, please contact [email protected]

Contact us to set up a session at [email protected]

Online Notary Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an e-notary session?

It’s easy. Just e-mail us at [email protected] to set up an appointment time to conduct the notary process with us. You will e-mail the documents that you wish to have notarized to us at the same address, and we will load the documents into the online system, and send a link for the online notary process. If your documents are confidential, we can also provide a secure link to submit your documents.

I frequently have documents that need to be notarized. Can I set up recurring remote online notary sessions?

Yes! E-mail us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like to set up a standing appointment to notarize documents. We will set up a recurring session on a schedule that works for you. Then, you can submit your documents up until 24 hours before the session is set to begin, and our notary will handle as few or as many as you have each time.

What do I need for the online notary session?

You don’t need much, just your photo ID and a computer or tablet with a microphone and camera-enabled. Our secure remote online notary system does not require you or your employees to download anything. The person swearing to the affidavits simply logs into the site and gives their browser access to their computer’s camera and microphone for the swearing and signing portion. If your tablet, laptop, or computer has a camera, microphone, and an internet browser with access to them, you’re all set. No additional hardware or software is required. You will also need your driver’s license or other U.S. state-issued photo ID for ID verification.

Is it safe to use a remote online notary for certifying documents?

Yes. Our secure system relies on: unique bar coding, watermarking, time stamping, encryption, unique 384 bit or 512 bit fingerprints, and tamper-proof PKI certificates to keep data safe.

Though many documents that require a notary may be destined to be public record, like affidavits that will be filed in a lawsuit, you may from time to time have confidential documents to notarize, such as certain releases. If you prefer to send these documents to us more securely than via regular e-mail, let us know and we can provide a link to submit these documents via our secure file transfer protocol.

How many documents can I have notarized?

Rathbone Group can notarize single documents or multiple documents. The number of documents that we can notarize per session depends on the size of each document, but we can notarize as many as 30 single or two-page affidavits in a session without issue. Plus, we offer a discount for notarizing multiple documents in the same session!

What format should my documents be in?

You can submit your documents as Microsoft Word documents or PDF files.  Your notarized documents will be sent to you as a PDF.

How much does RG’s e-notary service cost?

Our pricing for e-notary services is per document per session:

$15 for the first document

$5 for each additional document with a Rathbone Group file number (associated with a claim that has been placed with Rathbone Group)

$10 for each additional document without a Rathbone Group file number (not associated with a claim that has been placed with Rathbone Group)

Is there any benefit to doing remote online notarization at a law firm?

No. If your documents aren’t part of a subrogation claim that has been placed with Rathbone Group, online notary via the Rathbone Group E-notary Program does not include legal review of documents by an attorney. You can get your documents notarized remotely through any e-notary accredited by your state.

Do I have to be a Rathbone Group subrogation client to use the online notary service?

No. Anybody can use our remote online notarization services, but you do receive a discount if you are a current client and your document is associated with an RG file number.

What’s the Difference between an E-Notary and a Remote Online Notary?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, in some states there is no longer a clear line between an e-notary and a remote online notary. Before, the difference between and e-notary and a remote online notary was location. With an e-notary, you sometimes need to be in the same location as the notary, but the documents could be certified digitally. With a remote online notary, you can do the entire notarization process remotely, via Zoom or another virtual meeting platform. Most states now have dispensations for remote online notaries, simply because if they didn’t, much of the legal system would have been completely stalled out once the lockdowns hit in 2020. So nowadays, much of the time the terms “e-notary” and “remote online notary” are used interchangeably, as most e-notary programs, like ours, are a hybrid of both.

How can I learn more about Rathbone Group’s online notary services?

Our blog post ‘The eNotary Solution: How to Get Your Documents Notarized In a Socially-Distanced World’ tells the story of how Rathbone Group came to provide remote online notary services. Please let us know if you have e-notary questions or if you would like to set up a session.