Subrogation arbitration can be tricky. Rathbone Group’s Arbitration Team can prepare even the most complex arbitration filings in any forum, and handle them through completion. This includes applicability of arbitration, drafting contentions, following deadlines, award review, and payment. Arbitration Forums can prove an extremely helpful tool in minimizing costs and improving timeliness of subrogation claims resolutions.

Subrogation case files subject to arbitration can become especially complex when split between multiple forums, such as pursuing the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion in the Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association [KIAA], while concurrently filing a lawsuit on the Uninsured Motorist portion. RG’s Arbitration Team works in conjunction with litigating attorneys to form an effective solution to this claim-handling headache. Our subrogation team’s multi-faceted, cooperative approach to subrogation arbitration maximizes chances of claims resolution without bringing the subrogated matter to trial in a lawsuit.

Application Submission for Use of Arbitration Forums in Subrogation Matters

RG’s Arbitration Team is skilled at filing subrogation claims in Arbitration Forums, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies [NAMIC], the KIAA, and other forums. Our subrogation-focused law firm is comprised of lawyers, claims adjusters, specialists and other subrogation professionals whose breadth of knowledge covers dozens of jurisdictions in the US and Canada.

RG utilizes a multi-point review process to verify the applicability of arbitration for a subrogation claim. This includes communicating with adverse carriers and analyzing the best route to recovery before deciding on subrogation arbitration. RG can handle a formal arbitration program or a temporary overflow project and adjust the fee structure to support the client’s goals.

Carefully Crafted Contentions & Persuasion in Resolving Subrogation Cases

RG’s Arbitration Team is focused on crafting persuasive contentions. Well written language in an arbitration contention is a powerful tool. All arbitrated subrogation claims and contentions are reviewed by attorneys with years of experience in arbitration using plain language and avoiding confusing legalese. Our law firm’s focus on subrogation education keeps us poised to create aggressive, credible, creative contentions that can sway a difficult subrogation claim to resolution without litigation.

Subrogation Arbitration & the Importance of Continued Negotiation

RG’s Arbitration Team works in concert with our experienced negotiators to continue the negotiation process throughout the arbitration. RG continues to follow a client’s arbitration even after an award is issued to ensure payment, including the ability to preserve the right to recover attorneys’ fees if the award is not paid in a timely manner. Rathbone Group’s case management of any subrogated matter doesn’t end until the client’s losses have been recovered to the greatest extent possible.