When an employee is injured at work, it is costly and upsetting to the employer. Adding to this frustration, the process of obtaining and protecting any right of recovery from a third party can be very complicated.

Whether through a direct action or an intervention in the employee’s lawsuit, the Rathbone Group (RG) team can obtain recovery from third parties.

RG will pursue both economic and non-economic damages and can even recover from UM/UIM benefits or pending malpractice cases where available.

Direct Third Party Actions

Evaluations are provided of potentially responsible Third Parties.

Direct actions are pursued such as refusals to pay, conversions, or failure to notify claims.

The Borrowed Servant doctrine is utilized to obtain recovery from a special/dual employer.

Intervention in Employee Litigation

RG prevents the manipulation of settlements to reduce the lien or priority.

We also protect against waiver or accord/ satisfaction.

The make whole doctrine is limited whenever possible.

Recovery can be obtained from the third party directly in a pending injury case.

Have Your Own Advocate

RG provides independent evaluations of liability and recovery.

Our team ensures proper litigation by the employee’s attorney so the employer’s recovery claim is fully and properly pursued.

We will pursue additional parties not named by the employee.