Semi-autonomous vehicles are on the road today, with many car manufacturers working diligently on creating viable autonomous vehicles for widespread public use. Despite the utopian prospect of fewer automotive collisions by eliminating human error, vehicular incidents that result in loss are bound to continue to occur. Therefore, so will the demand for auto subrogation involving autonomous vehicles. 

Properly navigating subrogation claims for auto incidents has its own nuances; every incident differs, and insurance laws regarding auto subrogation vary by state. The advent of autonomous vehicles adds a layer of difficulty: when the at-fault party is driving an autonomous vehicle, are they at-fault as the operator? Is the manufacturer at-fault? Liability in a subrogation claim can become even more unclear if the at-fault driver was renting the car.

Skilled Case Management for Subrogation Claims Involving Autonomous Vehicles

Determining fault will increase the complexity of subrogated legal claims, as car manufacturers will carry a greater responsibility for causation of automobile accidents in insurance claims. Rathbone Group has the legal know-how and technological sophistication to pursue recovery for losses in the new age of autonomous automobiles and trucks on the road. 

Our dedicated team of lawyers, claims adjusters, specialists, and other subrogation professionals provide comprehensive competence in conducting thorough investigations, state subrogation laws, creative approaches to pre-suit claims resolution, and more.