Minimizing Risk with Experienced Subrogation Management

Insurance exists because bad things happen, whether by negligent third parties known as tortfeasors, or by “acts of god” like floods and earthquakes. In order to stay functional and financially viable, public entities need to minimize risks, both over the short term and long term. Government risk pools allow a cooperative way to spread the risk around. However, when incidents do occur, these risk pools require extremely specialized subrogation case management to achieve recovery that benefits the risk pool at large. Proper subrogation case management is key to effective risk management. Rathbone Group’s subrogation efforts will increase profitability of a government risk pool while educating its members on the subrogation process along the way. This benefits everyone – it maximizes chances of subrogation recovery in the current case and increases chances of recovery in subsequent cases as the government risk pools reap the benefits of education on the subrogation process.

Rathbone Group’s Focus on Communication and Cooperation

We understand that conducting subrogation on behalf of government risk pools requires excellent communication – a skill at which Rathbone Group excels. Proper subrogation management that focuses on open communication and education about subrogation is integral to every party understanding the subrogation process every step of the way. Whether it is through negotiations, a lawsuit or mediation and arbitration alternatives, we can add to your bottom line with any philosophy regarding recovery pursuit.