Claims Against a Government Entity

Unique rules, procedures, jurisdictional issues and deadlines can make the subrogation of government entity claims extremely complicated.

Rathbone Group (RG)’s understanding of these claims at the federal, state and local levels throughout the country increase the chances of recovery.

Administrative Pre-requisites

RG is well versed in the complicated procedures regarding when, how, and to whom to provide notice of a claim.

The unique nature of the administrative deadlines and migrating statutes of limitations are repeatedly analyzed throughout the life of the claim.


RG files Federal Tort Claims Act demands and proceeds to suit after denials are received.

Courts of claims, boards and commissions are utilized when appropriate.

Monetary limitations and standards of care are addressed and explored.

Independent Contractor Involvement

RG understands the complexity of sovereign immunity arguments and explores exceptions and limitations in detail to maximize subrogation recoveries.

Any employee’s actions outside the scope of employment are used to facilitate a recovery.