Subrogated claims with insured tortfeasors present the benefit of increased recovery opportunities but also the difficulty of a more vigorous defense, making the subrogation of insured auto claims a challenge.

The teamwork between Rathbone Group’s attorneys and claims specialists provides superior advocacy on anything from chipping to complex liability arguments.

As a national leader in subrogation law, Rathbone Group has cultivated strong relationships with numerous insurance carriers, efficiently facilitating tools such as mass settlement conferences for a cost effective resolution. These strategies not only expedite a fair disposition of files, but also provide insurance companies with brand protection.

Pre-suit Team Work

Rathbone Group’s trained claims specialists include licensed, experienced claims adjustors. The team strategically attempts recovery without delaying a lawsuit, if a lawsuit is desired.

Our team of claims specialists includes licensed, experienced claims adjusters.The Rathbone Group team is trained in advanced legal concepts and work in conjunction with our attorneys, helping to minimize subrogation costs.

Attorney Negotiations

Experienced attorneys maximize subrogation recovery utilizing creative strategies for resolving claims within the suit process.

At client discretion, Rathbone Group attorneys can conduct mass subrogation settlement conferences to negotiate cases on a large scale without losing effectiveness.

Broad-based Subrogation Negotiations

Rathbone Group’s subrogation team conducts negotiations focused not only on the facts of loss but also rooted in state-specific legal analysis.

Our negotiations balance the strength of the case and the costs of proceeding.

Rathbone Group has access to medical professionals to assist with settling medical claims, minimizing subrogation costs.