The litigation of health subrogation claims and the subrogation of disability insurance claims can be very complicated. Between the changing federal laws governing healthcare providers and constant alterations to anti-subrogation state laws mandating the make whole and common fund doctrines, these claims can feel like a moving target.

HIPAA compliant, Rathbone Group (RG) advocates for its employer self-insured and stop loss clients independent of a personal injury suit, and protects its fully-insured clients within the context of personal injury lawsuits.

RG works in conjunction with its clients’ plan benefit/HR managers and subrogation departments to identify opportunities for pursuit and facilitate recovery.

Subrogation principles and litigation processes are explained clearly to clients’ members, increasing the chances of recovery and plan member satisfaction.

RG utilizes creative strategies to apply the Deemer clause to non-ERISA plans without having to resort to forceful collection techniques.