As a firm focused in insurance and subrogation law, Rathbone Group strives to stay ahead of the industry curve with cost-efficient, tech-savvy strategies, both for our subrogation clients and for our own internal use. Serving clients nationwide throughout all steps of the subrogation process requires secure, streamlined and creative IT strategies, which is why RG Director of Information Technology, Jeffrey Kaput, chose to use Untangle’s security products. Untangle then chose to feature RG as a case study on how their security solutions have helped our subrogation attorneys ensure the security of our clients’ information.

This firewall tech, coupled with RG’s Director of Information, Kaput, provide constant, comprehensive monitoring of every electronic device across every one of RG’s locations. This ability to utilize the best in cyber-security technology to keep our security systems airtight is unusual for subrogation law firms of a similar size. 

We have a dedicated IT department, but we also have subrogation lawyers licensed and working in many states. Keeping our clients’ information secure is of the utmost importance to us, so we need an online security strategy that allows us to monitor all online and in-network activity at all of our locations in an efficient way. Untangle’s hardware and software makes it so Kaput can see real-time information on everything about RG’s offices, correspondences, network connectivity, etc.

The case study explains how Jeffrey was able to create a secure system tailored to our law firm’s needs to ensure clients never need to worry about keeping the details of their subrogation claims private. Jeffrey has been with Rathbone Group for many years, and his efforts to protect our subrogation law firm’s data have been a key part of earning our client’s trust.

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