Rathbone Group won the NASP Facebook Picture Contest! Our team took this picture (below) as we celebrated Subrogation Professionals Day with a field trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Social engagement outside the office relieves stress and builds trust amongst our team, making us more effective at managing difficult subrogation cases cooperatively and effectively. 

AtRG , we pride ourselves on maintaining a corporate culture of honesty and integrity, a culture passed onto our clients with our communicative and transparent approach to managing subrogation suits. This winning picture captures the camaraderie between our subrogation lawyers and support staff as we work hard to help our clients handle even the most complex and difficult subrogation suits.

Fast Facts on Rathbone Group: Leading the Nation in Subrogation

Who are we? Here are 5 FAQs on Rathbone Group:

What is Rathbone Group?

We are a nationwide subrogation law firm serving carriers across industries with strategic, cutting-edge, cost-effective subrogation services. Our goal in every claim is to maximize recovery while minimizing the cost of pursuing it. Via teams of subrogation attorneys, claims adjusters and other professionals, Rathbone Group’s skill in the state-specific nature of insurance law keeps us poised to effectively help carriers recover losses.

What is subrogation?

Subrogation is the legal right of one party to seek reimbursement from another party for losses that the first party has suffered as a result of the second party’s wrongful conduct. 

To illustrate: you are in a car accident that is the other driver’s fault. Your insurance pays out the medical and financial damages caused to you by the accident. Your insurer will then likely subrogate the matter: pursue the individual who was at-fault (or their carrier) to recoup what they paid out to you per your insurance policy. 

Subrogation is a niche area of law that much of the legal system is unfamiliar with, which is why retaining a law firm specializing in insurance lawsuits is key to successful subrogation.

What kind of clients does your law firm serve?

As advocates for insurers’ right to recovery under subrogation, our law firm serves many types of clients with even the most complicated claims. These include but are not limited to health insurance, auto insurance, rental car companies, government risk pools, and many more. Our practice areas are just as diverse, including but not limited to subrogation arbitration, cyber liability, property claims, disability, workers’ comp, and more.

What states do your subrogation services cover?

We serve clients across the continent with top-tier subrogation services. In-house, our skilled attorneys are licensed in the majority of US states, as well as DC and many federal courts. And via our professional network of subrogation attorneys, we are able to offer our strategic brand of subrogation case management across the US, Canada and the US islands.

Is there anywhere to find resources on subrogation?

Check out our YouTube channel and podcast library for our series, On Subrogation, Rathbone Group’s free educational resource for subrogation and insurance professionals.

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