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Cleveland Office:
1250 Granger Road
Cleveland, OH 44131-1234

Michael Paolella has over 30 years of accounting experience within various industries and currently serves as the Corporate Controller for Rathbone Group, LLC.

Since Rathbone’s Group inception in 2014, Michael has managed the accounting department. In this role, he designed and implemented the accounting model used to manage both the firm’s operating and client trust financial data. Duties include overseeing accounting operations, issuing the firm’s financial statements, reconciliation of firm bank and client trust accounts, coordination and preparation of annual financial and tax information for outside auditors, financial analysis, development and monitoring of accounting controls, development and maintenance of accounting policies and procedures and ensuring the creation, coordination, reporting and safeguarding of financial data.

Michael is a CMA and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from Cleveland State University.