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Cleveland Office:
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Cleveland, OH 44131-1234

Rick Morscher is a business leader, mentor, and analytical thinker. His passion is to utilize technology to enable business leaders to make better decisions, allowing them to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

Since 1989, Rick has been helping business leaders get the most out of their technology investments. From his early years as a Senior Consultant / Manager at Price Waterhouse Consulting, through his experiences managing Baytree Associates (an Oracle Consulting Firm), he has built a solid base working in client service oriented environments, helping each of his clients utilize technology to be a more productive and efficient organization. As Director of Information Technology at JB&R, Rick spent 11 years using technology solutions to deliver the highest level of integrity and customer service possible to the firm’s Retail and Subrogation clients.

As Director of Operations for Rathbone Group, Rick combines his technical, managerial and business process experience to help improve all aspects of Rathbone Group’s operational success. His specialties include Organizational and Operations Management and Planning, ERP System Implementation and Integration, and Business Intelligence and Analytics