Mark Demian presented on “Conveying Your Conclusions: Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction” at the 2015 NASP Litigation: Skills & Management Conference. An experienced subrogation litigator, Demian often consults on the complications of injury and motor vehicle accident subrogation claims. 

His talk, “You have your expert report – now what do you do with it?” focused on how attorneys and investigators can use biomechanics to best utilize an expert’s report on a subrogation investigation. In this presentation, Mark explained the who, what, when, where, why, and how on presenting and disclosing your expert’s findings.

As a Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional, Mark is well versed in how biomechanics can affect the loss and injury claim, and he understands the fundamental rules regarding the admissibility of expert reports and findings. A frequent speaker at NASP conferences, Mark is skilled and knowledgeable about these nuanced subrogation topics.If you would like us to present this information to your group, or to learn more about important topics in subrogation and tips on managing claims, reach out to us at [email protected]. And for more free educational material on insurance subrogation, check out Rathbone Group’s podcast library and YouTube channel, where our attorneys discuss complicated subjects in digestible episodes of our series, On Subrogation.

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