Rathbone Group is honored to be featured by the Center for Executive Excellence in its Business in Focus segment. This article, titled  highlights Rathbone Group as a subrogation company that consistently exhibits leadership excellence, and explores our strong organizational culture and emphasis on open communication.

Often, we skip over the details of the day-to-day at our subrogation law firm, and how we’ve created this unique and effective corporate culture that keeps us ahead in the field of subrogation law. Our attorneys follow a structured work week schedule that involves consistent cooperation and open communication on all RG’s active subrogation cases:

Management Monday: At the beginning of every week, the Management teams meet to touch base about the last week’s developments, and goals for the upcoming week. This gives the entire subrogation department a clear outline of what is to come and what needs to be done.

Team Tuesday and Team Thursday: These days promote cooperation and communication on all levels of subrogation case management. Team Managers meet to brief each other on where they are at with goals for the week, any new developments, etc. RG also has lunch-and-learns, where the team brushes up on subrogation education. It keeps all our subrogation lawyers on the same page in terms of the law, our company ethics, and methods of effectively navigating the subrogation process.

Working Wednesdays: This days is basically RG’s quiet time. There are no meetings, allowing everyone to focus in on their work.

Fun Fridays: Entertaining and fun events are held to help all RG’s diligent subrogation professionals de-stress.

This structured work week allows us to keep consistent momentum in every subrogation claims case, while keeping everyone, including the clients, on the same page about the process each step of the way. Just as importantly, it creates cohesion between all our offices, and protects our subrogation attorneys and professionals from burnout, so they can stay at the top of their game for our clients.

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