A capable attorney focused in insurance and subrogation law, Rebecca Wright is a Rathbone Group partner serving a variety of subrogation clients in several states and district courts. And after passing yet another bar, Wright is now licensed to practice law in California. She will serve as a vital resource to our subrogation clients in that state.

Rebecca Wright has been practicing law for nearly 20 years, with bar admissions in California, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia, including district courts in several of those jurisdictions. She frequently speaks at NASP conferences and events, and is a host of our subrogation podcast series. A skilled litigator, Wright has helped subrogation clients recover in a variety of cases – from UIM auto claims to fire damage property claims.

Protecting the Right to Subrogation for All Insurance Clients

Rathbone Group’s talented group of attorneys, specialists and claims adjusters serve clients across the country in subrogation cases for everything from rental cars, trucking, property and utility claims, and other niche areas of insurance law. Dedicated to insurers’ right to recovery and educating clients and other subrogation professionals on the nuances of insurance law, Rathbone Group maximizes client recovery using strategic legal maneuvers and leading technology to minimize the cost of pursuit.

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