The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal published Kimberly Rathbone and Ana Zgela’s article “Wait – You Haven’t Used Arbitration Forums Yet?” in their February 2018 issue. The article explores how the alternative dispute resolution system of Arbitration Forums can be utilized by non-members to resolve subrogation damages claims. 

Rathbone and Zgela unpack the advantages of using Arbitration Forums as an alternative to subrogation litigation in certain cases, especially in insured subrogation claims. Arbitration Forums offers extremely cost-effective subrogation claims resolution via a network of neutral arbitrators who are already knowledgeable in the claims process. This offers subrogees a streamlined, simple, and cost-effective subrogation process where the judgment is determined by a professional who is educated on subrogation and insurance law.

To learn more about how non-members can take advantage of Arbitration Forums to avoid litigation in applicable subrogation cases, view Rathbone and Zgela’s article here:

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