Two of our skilled subrogation lawyers, Rebecca Wright and Steven Alsip, were featured in the February 2018 National Association of Subrogation Professionals Newsletter regarding their upcoming speech, entitled “Negative Inference Cases: Your Invisible Smoking Gun” at the NASP 2018 Litigation: Skills and Management Conference.

What is your recourse when evidence vital to your subrogation case is destroyed, or the responsible party is acting in bad faith? Wright and Alsip’s session will offer discourse on the principle of negative inference and how it applies to subrogation law. They will discuss strategies for how to carry the burden of proof required to win at trial (or reach a favorable settlement), including the role of circumstantial evidence, specialized discovery, social media, the relevant statutory and lease provisions at play, and recent changes to the NFPA’s position on negative inference.

View the newsletter here: NASP Newsletter – 2018.02.26