Subrogation lawyer Jessica Lobes is now licensed in Illinois and Texas. Jessica joined Rathbone Group in 2015, and has since negotiated numerous settlements for insurance clients that allowed them to get maximum recovery. Jessica has several years of focus on insurance subrogation, with extensive litigation experience that began in 2010.  With a focus on resolving subrogated matters in pre-litigation settings, Lobes uses a proactive method of negotiating with parties who might otherwise be amenable to settlement, maximizing recovery for clients while minimizing the cost of the subrogation process.

Lobes focuses on subrogation cases for Texas clients, and is also a licensed subrogation attorney in Illinois and Washington. Lobes’ effective understanding of Texas’ subrogation laws makes her a valuable asset to our clients whose subrogation suits are brought within any state. Lobes can now offer that same experience in creative approaches to recovery to our clients in Washington and Illinois.

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