Rathbone Group was featured in a recent FreshWater Cleveland article about an innovative company offering a new approach to human resources. ConnectedHR is a firm that combines the services of HR professionals with the flexibility of a temp agency and a la carte services. ConnectedHR provides all the benefits of having an in-house HR professional, just only when you need them. This allows their clients to streamline HR processes and cut costs without cutting the quality of their respective services.

RG chose to host ConnectedHR’s professionals to streamline personnel practices among our attorneys, claims adjusters and subrogation specialists. This allows us to provide HR services tailored to a given matter with the time and focus it deserves. As a subrogation law firm with a focus on forward movement in the legal culture and technology surrounding subrogation law, it seemed a natural choice to partner with this innovative and effective new firm.

Rathbone Group: Cutting-Edge, Cost-Effective Subrogation Services

As a national subrogation law firm, our attorneys are always looking ahead: how can we better operate and grow our company? How can we utilize this drive for growth to better serve our clients? Rathbone Group’s subrogation services are not only comprehensive, but rely on open communication, consistency and teamwork. We maximize our clients’ subrogation recoveries while minimizing the cost of pursuit, advocating for every insurer’s right to recovery.If you would like to learn more about our services, browse our Practice Areas or reach out at [email protected].

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