Mark Demian, one of Rathbone Group’s founding partners, has been selected to present a seminar focused on Trucking Litigation in the 21st Century for the National Association of Subrogation Professionals at their Annual Conference. Mark’s presentation will focus on the subrogation insurance issues that make the prosecution and defense of trucking cases unique, with a focus on insurance coverage, catastrophic accident claims, and an analysis of a “rapid response” case study.

The Complicated Nature of Trucking Subrogation

Trucking companies remain prime targets as defendants in litigation, in part because the trucking industry is so heavily regulated by the government, and because subrogation laws vary by state. Subrogation for trucking companies is more complex than subrogating a typical motor vehicle incident. Freight trucks are at once shipping containers, vehicles, residences, and company assets. As a result, there are other types of damages, and other possible liable parties, involved than just loss from vehicle damage or injury. As well, shipping trucks travel through multiple states, meaning state and federal insurance subrogation laws may apply, making navigating the process of subrogating a trucking claim that much more difficult. In the 21st century, litigating trucking subrogation cases properly requires specific strategy and knowledgeable subrogation attorneys. Demian’s presentation at the upcoming NASP Annual Conference will inform other groups on how to maximize recovery in this often difficult field of subrogation law.

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