Subrogation attorneys Rebecca Wright and Adam Wilk have been selected to present a seminar entitled “Other People’s Torts: Third Party Liability in Subrogation Claims” for the National Association of Subrogation Professionals November 2018 Annual Conference. In auto collisions, liability is not limited to the tort driver. You may be able to recover in subrogation against other parties, such as the owner of the vehicle, a family member, the employer – even a bar or party host!

This presentation by our two subrogation lawyers will take a nationwide look at theories of recovery against these third parties and more. Rebecca has been involved in Insurance Subrogation for over a decade, and Adam has worked in subrogation for over 30 years, making them extremely qualified speakers.

To learn how to maximize recoveries or to hear more subrogation tips, check out Rathbone Group’s informative podcast and YouTube channels, “On Subrogation.”