Subrogation attorney Rebecca Wright has been chosen to do a webinar on recovering non-performing judgments for the National Association of Subrogation Professionals. This webinar will focus on how to economically enhance your bottom line by tapping into the older judgments in your portfolio. 

The nonperforming judgments in your portfolio can be an untapped source of recovery with the right approach to the post-judgment subrogation process. Wright’s presentation will discuss best practices for collecting on old judgments via investigative methods like skip tracing and predictive recovery models. As attendees of Wright’s webinar will learn, it is often worth it to take a second look at subrogation cases with nonperforming judgments before you dismiss the claim as a loss. 

Rathbone Group: Attorneys with a Focus on Subrogation Rights & Education

Wright is one of RG’s experienced attorneys focused in insurance subrogation law. Well-versed in finding creative solutions to difficult subrogation cases, she serves as subrogation counsel for insurance companies who need case management with a competitive edge.

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