Subrogation lawyers Jason Sullivan and Rebecca Wright presented on the cutting-edge topic of “Driverless Cars and Damages: Subrogation in a New Era”. The session focused on rapidly-developing car automation technology, its potential impact on driver safety, and how it will affect the subrogation industry. As driverless cars become an impending reality, subrogation involving autonomous vehicles is a new and constantly-changing field. 

How do Driverless Vehicles affect Subrogation Pursuit in Motor Vehicle Incidents?

Sullivan and Wright discuss what it means for auto insurance subrogation as more tortfeasors in auto incidents become car manufacturers instead of individuals. With autonomous vehicles, the human tortfeasor in a traditional vehicle accident is now a non-material computer program with a long and complicated chain of custody. This means that, where your typical auto subrogation investigation deals primarily with human error, now you instead must factor in car and software design, creation, testing, circumstances of the incident, possible liability of the other party, and more. 

Proper subrogation case management in claims involving autonomous vehicles requires experienced, subrogation-focused attorneys who stay on the front end of the complications that ever-evolving technology present to the subrogation process. At Rathbone Group, Sullivan and Wright lead the charge in pursuing and disseminating the latest information on important topics in insurance law that help subrogating counsel better serve their clients.If you would like us to present this information to your group, please email us. You can also hear more subrogation tips and news from Rebecca and Jason on certain episodes of our subrogation podcast and YouTube channels, On Subrogation.