Rathbone Group was named an Honoree at the 2018 Smart Culture Awards by Smart Business MagazineThe Smart Culture Awards recognize organizations that have developed a culture that bolsters productivity, enhances job satisfaction, and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Rathbone Group is a large subrogation law firm with subrogation attorneys licensed in dozens of states, territories and federal district courts. Our theory of subrogation case management is based in a creative and collaborative approach, and we pride ourselves on fostering a corporate culture of transparency and honesty. 

This culture is reflected in the approach we take with every client, and how we handle complicated subrogation claims. But “culture” is made and upheld by people, and it is our hardworking lawyers and subrogation specialists who keep our firm’s corporate culture consistently strong.

Advocates for Insurers’ Right to Subrogation Recovery in Any Kind of Case

As a nationwide law firm focused in insurance law, Rathbone Group works constantly to improve our subrogation services, as well as the services of the entire subrogation industry. Advocating for insurers’ right to subrogate means supporting subrogation professionals everywhere. We offer free educational resources to subrogation and insurance professionals via our series, On Subrogation, where we unpack nuanced subrogation topics that are important to you. On Subrogation is available on our YouTube and podcast channels.

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