Subrogation and insurance dispute attorneys Rebecca Wright and Steven Alsip were selected to speak at the National Association of Subrogation Professionals 2018 Litigation: Skills and Management Conference. Their talk is entitled “Fire: Burning Down the House”, and examines strategies to carry the burden of proof in a fire subrogation claim.

Property Subrogation for Fire Claims Require an Emergency Response

Fire property damage claims require a skilled and swift investigatory response in order to maximize potential for recovering a subrogation claim. In our videos and podcasts, we often address fire damage claims when explaining how to navigate adverse subrogation situations in cases of property loss. 

This includes those that involve subrogation pursuit against utility companies; the laws for which vary by jurisdiction. Because they can be some of the most complicated subrogation actions, successfully subrogating a fire claim hinges on diligent and experienced counsel. 

Rathbone Group’s Rebecca Wright & Steven Alsip

Rebecca and Steven both have years of experience in subrogation litigation in cases involving fire damage. Both are knowledgeable in how insurance and subrogation law varies by state, and are familiar with NFPA’s positions on subrogation litigation in fire claims, including those on negative inference and circumstantial evidence.

Steven Alsip has practiced law for over 15 years. As the lead of our Property Subrogation Team, Steven frequently hosts Rathbone Group’s On Subrogation podcast and is an active member and presenter at NASP. A skilled litigator, Steven advises and represents insurers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana’s Northern District.

Rebecca Wright, also an experienced attorney with over 15 years of litigation experience under her belt, is the main host of our subrogation podcast, and an active member, presenter and webinar host at NASP. Rebecca serves as counsel for subrogating clients in California, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as multiple District Courts in Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia.

Learn More About Insurance Subrogation Law & Procedure with Rathbone Group

You can watch Rebecca interview an investigation consultant who specializes in fire damage demonstrate how accelerant-detecting dogs can help investigators better understand a scene on a special episode of Subro LIVE! – Cinder the Fire-Investigating Dog. You can also hear all about how fire subrogation investigations work from an IAAI-certified fire investigator on another episode of Subro Live! – Fire Analysis Out of the Ashes

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