Jason Sullivan and Rebecca Wright have been selected to speak at the NASP Annual Conference in Austin, Texas this year. Attorneys focused in subrogation law, Sullivan and Wright often present to groups looking for education on subrogation. Their NASP presentation is titled: Underinsured Motorist Subrogation: Tackling the Combined Challenges of Insured and Uninsured Subrogation. Their lecture will discuss how laws in insurance subrogation vary by state when an at-fault party has insufficient policy limits to cover the damages they caused.

Both Wright and Sullivan are licensed attorneys who have practiced insurance subrogation law throughout their careers. Sullivan is licensed to practice law in dozens of state jurisdictions, including several federal courts. This has provided him with detailed knowledge of different state subrogation laws, including their varying challenges and opportunities. Wright, also licensed in several states, is a prolific speaker at NASP conferences, offering education on subrogation subjects such as social media’s role in subrogation investigations, and the effects of driverless cars in motorist insurance subrogation claims.

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