Rathbone Group’s Post-LLM Fellowship Program was established in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati College of Law, to provide real-world, law firm and United States legal experience to graduates of the school’s Master of Laws (LLM) in U.S. Law program

The year-long fellowship provides recent LLM recipients with exposure to the subrogation practice across multiple states and territories, as well as the realities of working in a thriving law firm environment.  Post-LLM Fellows receive ample learning opportunities and exposure to various aspects of the subrogation legal process across multiple jurisdictions, from the procedural aspects of filing and pursuing a lawsuit, to research on complex legal issues, to drafting motions and pleadings.   In return, we expect all Program Participants to provide their best efforts while working for RG.

Over the years, Rathbone Group has welcomed Fellows from around the world, including Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, Jamaica, India, Romania, Turkey, and Venezuela.  The firm recognizes the benefits of introducing diverse viewpoints into the culture of the firm, and the ability to learn from each other.

Qualified applicants will have obtained an LLM within the last twelve months and be approved to work in the United States in a program such as this.  All Fellows are expected to possess excellent credentials and strong English writing skills, be self-starters, and have a willingness to learn and an exceptional work ethic. 

Although Post-LLM Fellows may possess licenses to practice law abroad, the Rathbone Group Post-LLM Fellowship is not an attorney position, and the work performed by said Fellows is strictly in the nature of legal support, and is not in the capacity of practicing law.  While our program provides a great opportunity for recent LLM recipients to generate income and experience law firm life, it does not guarantee continued employment with Rathbone Group, nor is the Program a vehicle for sponsorship.

For more information, contact [email protected].

YouTube video of Post-LLM Fellowship Program graduate, Regina Shahi, produced by the University of Cincinnati, discussing her experience in the program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_TfKru2JPs.