Stay Ahead of the Start-up Curve

Insurtech start-ups are on the rise. The application of AI software in risk management for insurance companies has promising implications for the insurtech industry. However, in a field like insurance subrogation, which is already heavily regulated, difficult to navigate, and where the laws vary from state to state, a subrogation law firm that understands this high-tech industry is vital to effectively pursuing recovery in any subrogation case.

The Advantage of a High-Tech Approach to Subrogation Cases

Rathbone Group’s tech-savvy approach to subrogation is the perfect complement to an insurtech company’s claims management. Our focus on IT/IS permits innovation enhances the subrogation claims experience for the customer while maximizing profitability for the carrier.

Jeffrey Kaput, Rathbone Group’s Director of Information Technology and Security, and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), leads an experienced in-house team dedicated to keeping subrogation client’s data secure and ensuring that our subrogation law firm remains at the cutting-edge of the field.