Navigating the Subrogation Process: Know Your Options

Because subrogation law is so specialized, many captive law firms outsource some or all subrogation matters on a contingency fee. This allows the captive law firm to focus its efforts on defense claims while ensuring its clients are not missing opportunities to recoup losses through subrogated actions. Rathbone Group’s client-focused approach to subrogation claims management supports our shared client on terms the captive law firm designates. 

Outsourcing subrogation management to a law firm focused on subrogating insurance claims is an ideal way to maximize profitability, allowing you to outsource uninsured claims while focusing on insured claims. Having a second team of experienced eyes working on your less desirable subrogation claims also provides an opportunity for a second look at the potential of said claims. 

Often, there is a route to recovery – it may just require a unique approach. And the more successful subrogation cases you win, the more stable your profitability. Working with Rathbone Group’s subrogation attorneys and claims specialists is an effective way to retain full control of the subrogation process without having to worry about the details.

Maximum Recovery from Loss: The Rathbone Group Advantage

Our years of experience in insurance subrogation have taught us how to use discretion while effectively assisting captive law firms with their recovery efforts. Our attorneys work in conjunction with a team of highly-trained claims specialists to successfully navigate even the most complex subrogation claims.

 Our subrogation attorneys are licensed in dozens of federal and state jurisdictions, and we cover the rest of the US, Canada and US territories through a nationwide network of attorneys knowledgeable in subrogation law. Our focus on open communication means our subrogation management services are perfectly tailored to the unique needs of each client in each case in each state. 

Second-look subrogation inquiries and our ability to provide legal services in English or Spanish give captive law firm clients across the country the opportunity to minimize losses across all subrogation lawsuits while we use our strategic approach to minimize the cost of resolving the subrogated matter.Learn more about Rathbone Group’s areas of practice.