Mark Demian, a skilled subrogation lawyer and one of the Founding Partners at Rathbone Group, has been named to the National Association of Subrogation Professionals Board of Directors. The NASP’s mission is to enhance the stature and effectiveness of subrogation and recovery professionals. Their goal is to better the knowledge base and litigation skills of all types of professionals in subrogation law. NASP does this by

  • fostering education on subrogation through distributing publications like Subrogator Magazine; facilitating national colloquiums, forums and conferences for subrogation professionals; and offering programs and the CSRP designation for advanced specialists in subrogation law.  
  • advocating for the industry via, namely, legislative affairs and collaborative partnerships
  • promoting the exchange of information over a national network of subrogation specialists and attorneys. 

Demian is an experienced subrogation lawyer and an active member of the Ohio State Bar Association. As a Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional, Mark is a licensed subrogation-focused attorney in Ohio and Kentucky. He often gives lectures and seminars at NASP conferences, focused on education on subrogation, especially with regard to litigation skills in subrogation lawsuits. Mark has also been published in Subrogator multiple times.  Mark has also appeared on Rathbone Group’s On Subrogation YouTube and Podcast channels.