Rathbone Group and Subrogation

Rathbone Group’s attorneys have been practicing subrogation and recovery law since the 1990’s.  Our clients include insurance and reinsurance companies, Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), and self-insured entities across the United States.  Rathbone Group handles all areas of subrogation, including insured and uninsured automobile, property, maritime and admiralty, worker’s compensation subrogation, fidelity and surety bonds, group health and disability, cyber liability, government entities, and recovery of insurance premiums.  Rathbone Group’s claims portfolio includes a broad spectrum of losses, from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

Rathbone Group’s topnotch team of lawyers and managers blends consummate subrogation legal experience with a leading-edge, team-centered approach to successfully handle the most complex subrogation claims.  Subrogation is a technical niche area of law; insurance companies rely on Rathbone Group’s expertise to navigate these treacherous waters.  With high stakes, complicated fact patterns, and intricate legal concerns, experienced subrogation attorneys can mean the difference between success and failure.

What to Expect from a Rathbone Subrogation Claim

With the statute of limitations clock ticking, Rathbone Group’s team begins a swift, thorough, and cost-effective investigation into the facts of the subrogated matter.  As part of our contingent-fee services, in-house managers and specialists perform activities that could be outsourced to hourly fee consultants, thereby reducing investigation expenses.  When warranted, our attorneys move quickly to interview witnesses, liaise with public authorities, and identify, preserve and analyze relevant physical evidence.  When the client approves retention of outside experts, our subrogation team works closely with those experts to expediently establish the relevant findings.

In addition to regular narrative reports from our subrogation attorneys, clients are able to keep up with the progress of their subrogation claim through a highly secure web-based client portal.  If requested, our regular client update meetings ensure specific attention is given to each subrogated insurance claim, and we insure that all claims comply with reporting and budgetary requirements.

Rathbone Group’s subrogation clients include primary insurers, self-insurers, and third-party administrators,. Client references are available upon request.  

What is Subrogation Recovery?

After an insurance claim, subrogation recovery is the process through which parties collect damages. Effective subrogation recovery helps to keep insurance premiums low.

Our goal as subrogation and recovery counsel is to identify, investigate, and successfully prosecute or arbitrate actionable subrogation claims based on thorough claim analysis seen through the lens of our decades of practical experience.  We pursue every loss with subrogation potential while identifying non-meritorious claims and recommending our insurance clients close them, to avoid the incremental costs insurers incur by keeping non-viable claims open.  Using a contingency fee structure, our subrogation practice handles claims creatively, aggressively, and successfully, without exposing clients to significant out-of-pocket fees.